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Digital Rights Management

Power DRMPowerDRM
Secure, monitor and monetize your digital assets

A good digital rights management (DRM) strategy and the right tools to execute it protects your digital content. PowerMedium provides complete DRM using Windows Media technology. Windows Media DRM is a proven platform that protects and securely delivers content for playback on a computer, portable device or network device. It's flexible enough to support a range of business models — from downloads to physical format delivery.

PowerMedium's PowerDRM ensures you securely deliver, track and get paid from your digital media.

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PowerMedium's DRM supports:
• Subscription services
• Pay-per-view
• Promotional coupons
• Silent license delivery
• Integration with existing billing systems and payment gateways

It's your creation. It's your money. Track it. Protect it.

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