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Content Delivery

Accelerate Your Media

PowerMedium Content Delivery Network (CDN) gives your Web site a performance boost and substantial scalability to handle peak loads. PowerMedium's CDN service provides you with a dedicated, worldwide network of caching servers that are deployed in N. America, Europe and/or Asia.

PowerMedium moves your content much closer to users, from origin sites to caching servers— for increased speed, higher scalability and more security. From PowerMedium's globally distributed datacenters, Web content is rapidly delivered to users from the nearest, fastest, and most available server.

Depending on your goals, PowerMedium will manage and optimize content delivery by adding caching, load balancing, and other technologies to improve the overall performance to meet your requirements. CDN enhances the following solutions: file and data distribution, web publishing, branch office/remote site data replication, reverse data consolidation and media streaming. Our flexible connectivity aids in building content delivery networks that optimize bandwidth and can be molded to your needs.

Business Benefits

» Enhanced end user (consumers of content) experience - Including faster download times, higher performance, and higher availability. This translates into greater productivity for enterprises and higher customer satisfaction for content providers.

» Improved server utilization and performance - Offloading origin servers from serving frequently requested content results in better performance.

» Lowered capital investment and operational costs - Reducing server infrastructure and bandwidth required to deliver content.

» Increased availability through a distributed architecture

Please let us know how we can help you with your content delivery needs. Simply contact us and one of our consultants will get back to you ASAP.


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